Blossom of Tulips in Kashmir

Tulips in Kashmir

Kashmir, a paradise relived and incarnated on earth. A place for all seasons, for all humans, regardless of the age they fall in, it just going to touch your heart and pumped in your blood. If you are in Kashmir and feeling ubiquitous after seeing mountains, valleys, Shikara(boats), then a perfect place to cherish your eyes in your Kashmir tour packages is Tulip Garden.

Largest Tulip Garden in Asia

Indira Gandhi Memorial Tulip situated in Kashmir is one of the largest in Asia. It was opened in 2007.During the reign of Mughals, several hotspots were established in Kashmir in 16th century, and this Tulip garden is one of the major projects executed at that time.  Little time spent in this garden would become moment of life for you.

How to get there?

Indira Gandhi Memorial Tulip Garden is one of the most popular spot in Srinagar. It is located at Siraj Bagh Cheshmashahi, in the capital of Srinagar. Sometimes wandering to unknown places gives us a pleasure of life. A smooth mosey drive along the Coast of Dal Lake, just 9 km away from Srinagar brings you to the world of soothing, mourning Tulip flowers.

Vibrant Environment of Garden

This garden is housed at the slopes of Zabarwan hills. It is flanked by lush green golf course in the north and Pristine Dal lake from the west. Its ambience attributed with Chashme shahi and Pari Mahal.

From the first foot into the garden it will feel that this Paradise beauty is festoon by deity itself. The eyes get mesmerized to the numerous parallel running rows of more than a million multi coloured Tulip flowers. It seems that different bucket of colour had poured on the flowers, as it full of green, yellow, red, purple and orange flowers and different multi colour hybrid flowers too.

Each flower has its own instincts such as some are hemi-spherical, some are elongated and some has open and stretched petals. Though they are of different shapes and sizes, each flower bed are decorated scientifically and systematically which is about 1m wide and 80m long.

Hold your breath because the box of beauty is not over yet, climb up to gentle slope brings us to the delightful fruit trees. The slender branches are covered with leaves and flowers. Just to that we can see Pari Mahal little upwards. It seems like elfin of beauty is admiring this adorable creature of god.

Its time to fall in beauty

Flowers are integral part of our life. Happiness cannot be assumed without the blossom of flowers. So, let’s capture this with our naked eyes and feel the blessing of our all mighty god who blessed us with these flowers which make our life more beautiful

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