Where to Go in Mesa Island and Great Holiday Package to Have

Mesa Island

Enjoying holiday for several days will not be enough. At least, a week is needed to get a great holiday experience. In this case, it is not only about the duration, but it is also about the tourism destination. Talking about tourism destinations, Indonesia may be one of the great countries to find various holiday destinations. This country has a lot of tourism spots to visit and explore. There are many islands and each of them has different destinations to offer. Nature, history, and other aspect of things can be found in this country. For tourists who love exploring the nature, going to the eastern part of Indonesia can be great choice. In this case, there is Mesa Island and several island around them, including the famous Komodo Island with its great national park. The combination of islands in this area can be great holiday package to explore. People do not need to worry about Where  to go in Mesa Island and the other islands around it. There will be great excitements of exploration.

Talking about Mesa Island, this island is located around Flores. Its location is between Labuan Bajo and the famous Komodo Islands where there is Komodo National Park. Because of this good location, Mesa Island is worth to visit. It is also not too far from Labuan Bajo. it is only about 15 kilometers and sailing to this island will not spend too much time. In this case, people can find many alternative of Where  to go in Mesa Island. This island is famous as the traditional village of fishing. Most of the people live from the sea and this makes them called as sea gypsies. The local people have adapt well with the nature and it can be seen from their house construction. The houses are built several feet above the surface of water, so water will not be big problem for them. Visiting the houses and seeing the unique construction can be alternative of Where  to go in Mesa Island. Then, it is also possible to explore the whole islands since the people are nice and they always welcome tourists. It may also be possible to join the fishermen going to the sea for fishing.

After talking about Where to go in Mesa Island, then it is time to talk about the place to go in Komodo islands. In this island, of course Komodo National Park will be the important place to explore. The national park is vast and it covers many area of islands. This park has become one of the World Heritage Site by UNESCO because this is the only home of prehistoric lizard called Komodo dragons. The lizards has big size and this is maybe one of the reasons to call them dragon. They are both exotic and dangerous, so it is better to get too close to them, since they may attack. It will be great to explore the park with tour guide, so it is possible to stay safe and get best spot to see the komodo dragons. There are also beaches with beautiful marine life. Surely, visiting Mesa Island and other islands are great holiday package.


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