Introducing the Magnificent Andaman Islands

The Andaman Islands comprise of 572 tiny little islands located in the gigantic Bay of Bengal waters. The spread of acres of land is full of lush green forests and a great variety of fauna. Each year there are millions of tourists are attracted to these little groups of lands surrounded by the ocean. They are together called the Andaman and Nicobar Islands.

Here there are details of how the Andaman Islands came to be, the present Andaman Islands, etc.

History of Andaman Islands:

The Andaman Islands is one of the Union Territories in India. Port Blair is one of the major tourist attractions and a destination for trade. This is the capital of South Andaman Islands. Presently there are people of mixed South Asian and South East Asian who populate these islands. Until recently or the colonial rule there were mostly tribes who inherited the Andaman Islands that comprise of 86% of thick dense forests.


This is one of the best tourist destinations with the mangrove forests surrounded turquoise waters. You can take a sun bath and get tanned in the sunny beach side outing.

Tourists are treated to great sights including the spotted deer, crabs, the crab eaters called Macaque, the Gecko, python, wild boars, etc. In addition to the natural wild life and thick forests, there is great marine life along the coasts and a variety of flora and fauna too.

There is great diving to indulge in, though there are only around a dozen islands that are open to tourists. Meanwhile the Nicobar has very stern off-tourist limits as many of the areas are filled with various tribes.

Sea-Walk at Andaman Islands:

North Bay Island, Neil Island and Havelock Island are all famous for the Sea-Walking. While sea walking at North Bay was one for a while, it was recently started at the Havelock and now at Neil (requires confirmation) too. Laxmanpur Beach at the Neil Island has got the sea shell white and frothy shores that touch on your toes as you lie on the beach listening to the waves’ roars.

Dilgipur is another location that is famous for tourists as it offers sites like Active Mud Volcanoes and the Ross & Smith Islands as well as the Exotic Lamiya Bay Beach.

The Neil Islands are simply tranquilizing and is not very busy like its island next door called Havelock which is quite busy. It wears a look of a sleepy countryside with soft lush greeneries at either side of the thin roads through the tiny villages. There is also a main bazaar here which is a gathering at the evening times.

Simply put, this is a wonderland away from home with natural rock formations, narrow limestone caves, red corral, natural diving, and colorful marine life. The scenic places are breathtaking and include various beaches listed in the top 100 beaches around the world and one of the seven biggest beaches in the world, etc.

A visit to the Andaman Islands will guarantee you an amazing memorable experience to remember all your life. The swishing waves and sweeping breeze at the beach will refresh you all your life. Do take time out to visit this exotic Andaman beaches as you go ferrying around in the clear waters to visit tourist spots.

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