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It’s funny how we end up in some places we never planned or thought we would but there we are, walking around the place and exploring the city, town or village. These places are mostly gone to on a spontaneous trip when people suggest you or the passing scene of the town by a train intrigues you and you decide to explore. Jind is one such town.

 North Delhi

Jind, a locale in Haryana takes its name from Jaintapuri, an old tirtha which discovers notice in the epic Mahabharata. Pandavas assembled the Jayanti Devi Temple to respect the goddess Jainti, who was viewed as the goddess of triumph and achievement. The town came up around this temple as Jaintapuri which was later known as Jind. Jind is an imperative pilgrimage destination and has a few religious locales surprisingly. Bhuteshwar Temple is committed to Lord Shiva who is likewise called Bhootnath. This temple was built by Raghbir Singh, the leader of Jind. Jind lies close to locales like Sonipat which is one reason why you will see a good lot of people coming in via the Sonipat to Jind train.

Dhamtan Sahib is home to an old Shiva temple and an ashram of Rishi Valmiki, the essayist of the epic Ramayana. The Jayanti temple is believed to be over 550 years of age. Ramrai or Ramahrada settles five pools worked by the warrior-sage Lord Parshurama. An old temple committed to him is found adjacent. Hans Dehar is a Puranic city that is additionally justified regardless of a visit. A tomb committed to Hazrat Gaibi Sahib and arranged in tehsil Narwana likewise draws in its offer of enthusiasts. The tomb houses the remaining parts of the considerable sufi holy person, Hazrat Gaibi Sahib.

Safidon is a town which is home to three ancient pilgrimage sites and temples of Nageshwar Mahadev, Nagadamni Devi, and Nakshatra. Ekahamsa temple in the town of Ikkas around five km from Jind is another essential journey destination. Asvini Kumara Tirtha is another journey destination. He discovers notice in the Mahabharata. According to sacred texts, a shower in the consecrated waters of Asvini Kumara Tirtha can clean the spirit of the travelers and open route to their salvation. The water at the blessed spot is believed by the people to have therapeutic properties and people believe it can help heal some ailments.

A place of worship called Varaha Tirtha devoted to Lord Vishnu is arranged in town Barah, ten kilometers from the primary town of Jind. It is trusted that Lord Vishnu stayed at this spot when he expected the type of a hog. Munjavata Tirath, situated at town Nirjan, nearly six kilometers from Jind, is a blessed spot connected with Mahadev, the ruler of divine beings. A sanctuary devoted to Yakshini Mahagrahi is situated at Yakshini Tirtha. It is situated in town Dhanikhera, 8 kilometers from Jind.

A sanctum of Pushkara situated in town Ponkar Kheri, is eleven kilometers in the south of Jind, which is another well known pilgrimage site. As indicated by Puranic sacred texts, it was worked by Parshurama. Baba Phonker Temple is another religious spot where individuals harbor trust and confidence. The place of worship of Kaya Sadhana is situated at town Kasuhan, 16 kilometers in the north of Jind. As indicated by Puranic customs, Lord Vishnu made Kaaya Shodhana, Lokottar by scrubbing down at this spot.

Sri Tirtha is situated in Narwana tehsil at town Shimla of Jind region. It is viewed as the incomparable spot of love. There is a blessed lake close by and a shower in it give interminable peace and joy to the enthusiast. A place of worship committed to a goddess is arranged in town Sanghan in Narwana tehsil of area Jind. Offering of supplication particularly by ladies at this tirath favors them with the qualities of a Shankhini.

Check the IRCTC train ticket availability in the town and book your ticket for your way out. You need not spend more than a day in this place if you are not here for a ny specific purpose like on a sabbatical or pilgrimage visit.

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