Make the Most of Events Taking Place in Pune

Pune is a metro city and is crammed with plenty of opportunities for youngsters. Students come to this place from different corners of the nation.While there are various choices for jobs and studies and business in this city; there is entertainment and fun too. Of course, if you are thinking that you are stuck in Pune and you have nothing to do other than going to office and returning home then you is missing out a big piece of this city.

Exactly, you are missing out events in Pune. There are many events that get organized in Pune for your rejuvenation and thrill. Be it dancing, singing, crafts, learning, education, enjoyment, thrill, yoga or any other interest; you can find events related to them. Since it is so, you can find your preferred events and participate in them for a great evening. After all, events not just give you enjoyment and thrill but also learning and experience…

Devkund Waterfall Trek, Pune

If you want to munch on this exciting and thrilling trip then you have to stay ready at 6am on 15th October Sunday. This thrilling event is getting organized by Mapping Journeys. Talking about Devkund waterfall, it is a dream spot for many travellers and enthusiasts looking for a blend of a moderate hikethat unrollsin a tranquil space. You will enjoy the beautiful sites and amazing serenity of this trek and spot.Here theeminent Andharban trek begins at Pimpri dam and ends ups at Bhira dam that lies around 150km from Mumbai. This beautiful trip can give you the getaway and refreshing time you might be seeking for.

Brain & Ability Development

Are you free on Saturday October 14th at 9am? If yes, then you must not miss out this powerful event organized Mindware Resources.If you have kids and you want that they should make the most of their abilities and brain then you must enrol your kids for this event. This is going to be a unique ability development Workshop for your children. This is something perfect for Nursery to Class 10th students i.e. age group 5 to 16. So, what keeps you still thinking, allow your kid to widen up his wings with this exciting event.

Full moon camping II Kojagiri Pournima II Tourbugs II

This event is going to take place on October 7th at 11am. It is organized by Tourbugs.Once themonsoon is over and it is green everywhere, it would be greatto go for a tiny camping trip and celebrate Kojagiri. Talking about Kojagiri/ Sharad Purnima, it is a harvest festival that marks the end of monsoon.During this event trip, you can experience fun, tranquillity and celebration.This spotis perfect for a comfy winter camping. It is located onNira – Deoghar dam and provides with a wonderful view of water from three sides.


So, be it thrill or music; learning or comedy; entertainment or celebration; you can find events taking place around all these activities. You must make the most of the events that take place within your city.

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