Tiji Festival Trekking Upper Mustang Nepal

Mustang is the name of an area in the far north west of Nepal. A champion among the most remote extents, it is a geographic development of the Tibetan level, a windswept place where there is mountains defending the last genuine remains of Tibetan culture. This area was completely detached from the straggling leftovers of the world, and simply opened to trekking groups in 1991. The grain, potatoes and buckwheat turned out to be here are the staple eating routine around the critical towns of Ghame and Tsarang. We continue until we go to the old walled post city of Lo Manthang. From here the edge of Tibet is just a stones dispose of. After this we head at the end of the day from same trail or possibly to we head back towards Jomsom by methods for consecrated voyage site of Muktinath.

Tiji festivity trekking Upper Mustang Nepal is a standout amongst the best way to deal with learn Tibetan Buddhism and a social trek in Little Tibet. Not a lot of people are contemplated the Tiji Festival in Mustang, Tiji festivity is in like manner surely understood as pastors move festivity.

What is Tiji festivity?

The word TiJi starts from “Ten Che” and it infers the desire of Buddha Dhamra winning in all universes and is enough. As for mythology god named Dorje Jono battle against his insidious nearness father to save the Kingdom of Mustang from the demolition. Ace Rinpoche passed on this word “any desire of the dharma winning in all universes” thousand years earlier. The area people of Lo-Manthang says Tiji Festival is “the seeking after of the malicious habitations”.

How does the Tiji festivity celebrate?

Tiji is 3 days moving festival, splendid custom dress, cover moving at the air with swords by priests. The best buddhist pastor, Lamas, and ministers will address this festival around the world. You shouldn’t miss this social ponder festivity comes perfect.

Where is this festival celebrated?

Tiji festivity is commended in Upper Mustang, Upper Mustang is in the past Kingdom of Lo, is a remote and detached region of the Nepal Himalayas. Horse was constrained killed zone until 1992 which makes it a champion among the most ensured regions on the planet. Mustang is the greater part of the Tibetan talking people and culture has been spared by the relative control of the area from the outside world.

What are the Tiji festivity dates on 2017?

Tiji festivity 2017 dates are certified for May 23, 24, and 25 and it comes once a year don’t miss the opportunity to visit Upper Mustang.

How much Upper Mustang Tiji festivity trek cost?

Mustang trek or Tiji Festival trek brought around 1800 – 1900 USD. Upper mustang trekking licenses is exorbitant, which is 500 USD for 10 days.

How to arrive “Upper Mustang”?

We have to take a flight from Pokhara to Jomsom which is around 35 minutes or we have to take a harsh jeep drive from Pokhara. If you have enough time and need to move by then start trekking from Jomsom – Muktinath by methods for Nayapul or Annapurna circuit trekking course.

Can i trek alone to Upper Mustang?

To trek in Upper Mustang there must be slightest 2 man to issue the trek permit and ought to encounter enlisted trekking association in Nepal.

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